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Crossfit Mayhem

We’re pleased to offer our members daily workout programming led by Darren Hunsucker, the winningest coach in CrossFit history, and the Mayhem Athlete Team. They have a number of different tracks to accommodate people with a broad range of fitness levels and objectives.

How do I access it?

Crossfit Mayhem programming (and our in-house WOD and range drill programming) can be accessed in SugarWOD, a leading workout/ performance tracking app. The app is free, and affiliation with our gym (established by your email address) will allow you to see the programming tracks that we offer… CF Mayhem and in-house.

Don’t have SugarWOD yet? Use the links below to get set up. When you create your account, be sure to use the same email address that you use in our membership system.

Once you’re logged into the app and connected to The Facility, you can view and select different tracks using the menu just below the picture. You’ll see ‘THE FACILITY’ in small letters- the selected track is listed just underneath it. Click it to display the menu and change your selection.

What tracks are available?

In order to offer our members as many options as possible, we have organized Crossfit Mayhem programming into 4 tracks (by combining some of the tracks they offer).

Mayhem WOD

Workouts in the Mayhem WOD track are the same 1 hour WODs they’re doing at the Mayhem gym in Cookeville, TN. Programming for each day (Mon-Fri) includes a warm-up, the main WOD, and an accessory workout. 

Mayhem L.I.F.E.

The L.I.F.E. (Longevity in Functional Efficiency) WOD is designed to support people of all ages who just want to be more active and capable. The workouts are more ‘gentle’ than those in the Mayhem WOD.

Mayhem M30

M30 workouts are designed to be done quickly (30 minutes) at home, in a hotel room, etc. They don’t require any gear- just a bit of space to move around in.  Each WOD includes a warm-up, a workout, and a cool down. 

Mayhem Running & Endurance

Running and Endurance workouts provide an alternative to standard WODs that are focused on, well… running and endurance. This programming is available Mon-Thu, but you can obviously plug them into any day you want!   

Faith, Family, Fitness, Service is more than a motto, it is our compass and what propels Mayhem Nation.

– Crossfit Mayhem

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