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Our Model

The how and why of what we do

The Traditional Model is Broken
One or more full days of training. Techniques presented in rapid succession. Stress applied almost immediately… This is what most training in our industry looks like. If you’re lucky, the instructor is skilled enough to present good technique but, more often than not, that’s not the case. Even when you do have a knowledgable instructor, though, learning will be limited.

A good bit of the training available in our industry isn’t really training at all. We know from experience that, if we test participants in various weekend ‘courses’ the day before and a week after attendance, we’ll find that very little was truly learned. That’s because those courses are not really about skill development. Most of the instructors in that realm who are truly skilled understand that… but they also understand that people are willing to pay. You should know, though, that what participants are paying for the is ‘the experience’. There’s nothing wrong with that- but that’s not what we do here.

Most shooting courses are at least a full day. Many are two or more days. And most present new skills with almost every shooting iteration. Seems great, right, since you cover a lot of ground? The problem is that humans can only absorb so much new information.

Coaches, Not Cheerleaders
One of the ways to reduce the costs associated with holistic preparedness training is to eliminate expenses that aren’t absolutely necessary. For some people, having a coach at every workout to keep them motiviated is one such expense. Our model lets you get help when you need it… and do your own thing when you don’t.

Set Your Own Pace
All of us have different objectives, different levels of urgency, and different resources/ budgets (time and money).