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Trigger Centric Vs Sight Centric

Become a sight-centric shooter to hit what you’re aiming at

There are two kinds of shooters: sight-centric and trigger-centric. How can we tell them apart? Trigger centric shooters miss. A LOT. It’s an error in thinking that we see frequently in newer shooters- and it’s an easy error to make (particularly since the vast majority of instructors are trigger-centric in their teaching and coaching). Why does it make us miss?

Trigger-centric shooters believe (whether they realize it or not) that the final control of the gun occurs via the operation of the ignition system. Sight-centric shooters, on the other hand, understand that the trigger is an error inducing control to be managed by proper alignment of the sights in an appropriate sight picture. Sight-centric shooters communicate with the “feedback loop” through the shot. Trigger-centric shooters often abandon the front sight as they snatch the trigger into inaccurate oblivion. We typically call this a “flinch”. The good news is that it can be defeated.

How do we defeat it?

  1. Be present through the shot.
  2. Keep the trigger moving.
  3. Saturate the prefrontal cortex with sight information, NOT trigger information.

Pretty easy, right? Come train with us, and it will be!

About the Author

Duane Buckner
Director, US Training, Aimpoint

Buck is the Director of Training for Aimpoint, and one of the most highly respected and sought after firearms and tactics instructors in the country. He is a retired US Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) Assault Force Commander.

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