Our training is

Remarkably Different

Our training is

Remarkably Different

Our instructors are nationally recognized and highly respected. They are experienced ‘operators’ and instructors. They have basic and advanced firearms instructor credentials from various federal and state agencies, including DHS and Georgia POST.  But that’s not what makes us special.

We don’t rest on our credentials and experience. Our training staff constantly works together – and with outside SMEs – to build and improve our curriculum.  We incorporate science and real-world lessons learned into our training in a thorough, disciplined process (that will be completely invisible to you). 

You learn when you laugh.

What to Expect

When you train with us

Simple, Durable skills

In the chaos of a violent encounter, complexity kills. We teach and drill simple, proven techniques that will be there when you need them (i.e. under the extreme stress of a life-or-death encounter).

A relaxed, supportive, fun environment

You learn when you laugh. Our ‘industry’ is really good at taking the enjoyment out of things that should be fun. Like shooting. We take what we do very seriously, but that doesn’t keep us from having a good time and building relationships with the people who train here.

Professional, efficient delivery

Training resources- time and money- are limited and valuable. We help maximize your resources by ensuring that our presentation and logistics are on par with the highest corporate standards.

Pull, Not Push

Want to train with us? Quickly and easily schedule a private lesson- or get a group together and pick a date!

We are no longer putting open enrollment courses on a schedule. Instead, we’re using a tool that allows people (you!) to select and schedule training. Scheduling private lessons can be done in minutes. Training as a group  requires a bit of effort on your part- you’ll need to get a group together, collect payment from everyone, etc….  but it’s less expensive and sometimes more fun.

Individual or Small Group


Want to improve your qualification scores? New to shooting and looking to learn proper gun handling skills? Just want to be more capable of defending yourself and your family? Work with our world-class instructors to develop proper mindset and techniques for shooting.

Flagship Courses

For Armed Professionals

Our parent company, Telluric, offers a number of formal courses that are nationally known. Most of those courses are oriented toward law enforcement, military, intelligence, or private security personnel. Information about Telluric courses, including an open enrollment course schedule, is available on the company’s website.

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ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily limiting our walk-in hours. Current hours are 4PM-6PM Tue-Fri and 9AM-2PM Sat.