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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Facility open to the public?

YES! We welcome anyone who is legally able to possess a firearm. We currently offer daily passes for our range (during walk-in hours), but not for our gym (which is accessible by key-card). Non-members can use our gym, though, by scheduling time with one of our trainers or joining a scheduled class.

Do I have to sign a contract?

In order to use our range, gym, or other amenities, you will have to sign a liability waiver and an acknowledgment of our safety rules. BUT, long-term commitment (i.e. our annual plans) are NOT required to shoot during walk-in hours. Annual commitment does get you significantly lower prices, though.

Are background checks required?

In order to protect our clients and our property, we currently conduct background checks on anyone who is issued a key card. This includes Elite range members and ALL gym members. To get a key card, you’ll have to provide your SSN and other ID, and you’ll have to sign a background investigation consent form.


Can I draw from a holster?

YES, but… To work from a holster, you’ll need to: 1) prove that you’ve received formal training (that we acnkowledge) on how to do so and; 2) demonstrate proficiency to one of our approved instructors. Note that, for walk-in shooters, we probably won’t be able to check your proficiency and allow you to work from a holster. If you’re law enforcement, you automatically qualify to work from an outside the waistband (OWB) holster. 

Can I shoot my rifle?

Yes, you can shoot rifles. Our range is rated for calibers up to .308. All rifle ammo not purchased from us must be inspected prior to use. You can also shoot shotguns, but we ask that you refrain from shooting anything other than slugs or buck shot (no bird shot or other small pellets).

Do I have to use your ammo?

If you’re using our guns, you have to use our ammo (no exceptions). While we do sometimes allow shooters that aren’t using our guns to bring their own ammo, we respectfully ask that all shooters use our ammo when possible. We use high quality ammunition to reduce lead exposure at the firing line. It costs a couple of dollars more than the cheapest ammo you can buy at other places, but it keeps everyone that uses our range a little safer. It also helps us keep range access as reasonably priced as possible.

Do you rent guns?

We do rent guns for use on our range. We have most of the pistols that are used by various agencies on FLETC. We also have DDM4V7s (high-quality, short-barreled M4 type) rifles fitted with Aimpoint sights and Blue Force Gear slings. Want to shoot with a suppressor? We rent those, too!

Do you sell guns?

No, we do not sell guns. We can, however, facilitate FFL transfers on-site through our affiliate, Telluric Arms. Please check with us before initiating a transfer. Contact us for fees and conditions.

Can my agency/ organization/ group rent the entire range?

Yes, our range (and other parts of The Facility) can be rented for qualifications, agency training, events, etc.  Pricing and other information can be found HERE.


Do you offer WOD programming?

Yes, we do offer programming. We have several programming tracks that are available to all members (range and gym). Most of our programming comes from the folks at Crossfit Mayhem (Rich Froning, the ‘Fittest Man in History’, and his coaches). You can find more detailed information HERE.

Are coaches available?

Although we don’t require our members to participate in instructor-led classes, we are fortunate to have highly experienced, professional trainers at our gym. Their goal is to teach you concepts and proper techniques so that you can work out on your own… safely and effectively. You can learn more about them- and schedule your training- HERE.