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What is SugarWOD?

SugarWOD is a performance tracking app that allows us to communicate our range drill and workout programming to you, and that makes it easy for you to record and track your results.

Want to have an effective ‘Daily Regimen’, but not sure where to start? Want to improve your performance without breaking the bank (and wasting time)? We’ve got you covered! Access our range drill of the day, plus daily workouts (from our trainers and from Crossfit Mayhem) in SugarWOD… and easily record and track your performance!

With the SugarWOD app, you can:

  • access our Range Drill of the Day (RDOD)

  • access WODs from Crossfit Mayhem and from our in-house trainers

  • access private workout tracks from our trainers

  • record results and track performance over time

  • compete with your friends on our leaderboard

  • communicate with others members to give (and get) support

How do I get the app?

Don’t have SugarWOD yet? Use the links below to get set up. When you create your account, be sure to use the same email address that you use in our membership system.